Friday, July 31, 2009

Republic Bar at Sunway Pyramid

Republic Bar at Sunway Pyramid

Hey guy's, i just wanna share my picture's with u all. Hope you like it and don't hesitate to drop your comment here. Actually this pictures taken frm one of my friend.. neway thanks Colls. I was invited to sing for the graduation show for A Cut Above!! i had so much fun.. and really appriciate to Xevier for giving me opportunity.. That time i was not alone, Candy Cheah also there, really happy to met her in personally and she is pretty, oppss..

That night, i was singing i'm your's, Follow Me and Pilihla Aku... a lil bit nervous, coz a lot of people out there was wathcing us, but i just think positive. I really enjoy and had fun.. Hopefully they still have room for me to the next upcomming show..

You can see my my picture's below, have fun and enjoy..

Candy Cheah

Waiting for my turn..arg

Monday, June 22, 2009

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bali Trip with friends

I had a tremendious time spending the holidays with everyone. A well deserved break i have to say. This will not be the fist and there will definately be more to come very soon.I needed another holiday from the holiday and spent almost the whole day sleeping. Felling a lil lonely now not having everyone just a door step away but we have to do a trip again soon. So people lets save up enough dough again.

Kumbasari, Ubud, Kintamani, Tanah Lot - Awesom!Rode the Waves? Did it.Got attacked by monkeys? *runs*Got attacked by sales aunties at the paddy fields? *locks door*Life is a lot of fun when you intend it that way. i am missin' the beach right now. I had tempe for dinner! And my taxi costed me Rp. 90 000 - mahal banget! lol will get the international license before my next trip! tut tut!

Just wanna let u know guy's, its was amazing, i can't forget this journey with my friends. But we still thinking, maybe next year we will go again and again..hahaha

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cut above charity show in Sunday Pyramid L2 Orange Concourse Kuala Lumpur

Invited singer for a cut above charity show in Sunday Pyramid L2 Orange Concourse Kuala Lumpur. I was accompanied by my fellow singer Candy Cheah. I just wanna say thank you so much to one of my fellow friend, exvier

I was singing follow me


all the Cut Above Crew members

Was very excited and happy


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kinabalu Daya Hotel

Saya bersama rakan saya telah diberi kerparcayaan untuk menjadi juri pada malam pertandingan karaoke akhir yang bertempat di kinabalu daya hotel. Memang semua berbakat dan boleh menyanyi. Ramai yang telah datang untuk memberi sokongan kepada rakan mereka masing-masing. Happening betul pada malam itu.

Peserta pertama yang menyanyikan lagu Gemilang nyanyian jacklyn victor.. nampaknya dia kurang menyerlah menyanyikan lagu tersebut, mungkin lagu kurang sesuai atau dia belum bersedia..

Saya bersama clarice dan John sedang memerhatikan para peserta.

Pada masa itu, seorang peserta telah membuatkan kami tersenyum lebar dengan aksinya yang lucu.. dia menyanyikan lagu dangdut. memang lucu bangat..

Sementara kami menilai para peserta, saya sempat memberi senyuman kepada mereka yang mengambil gambar kami untuk suka-suka..

Ceh wahh.. nampaknya kami serius sekali..hihi

Peserta yang mendapat tempat kedua, dia menyanyikan lagu no one dari alicia key.

Peserta yang menyanyikan lagu Ziana Zean, memang mantap sekali suara dia.

Kami sedang mengira markah-markah para peserta

Saya bersama Clarice (local artist sabah)